Exquisite Heart Stones Necklace

This stunning Exquisite Coloured Crystal pendant necklace is truly a gorgeous, standout piece.

It's as dazzling as it is unique. 

The Love inspired pendant will always stand out.

Choose your matching GemStones and Find Spiritual and Emotional Bliss

January: Garnet - Garnet Amber

February: Amethyst - Purple Amethyst

March: Aquamarine - Aqua Teal

April: Diamond - Crystal Clear

May: Emerald - Gaia Green

June: Pearl - Crystal Clear

July: Ruby - Red Lust

August: Peridot - Gaia Green

September: Sapphire - Sapphire Blue

October: Opal - The Darkness

November: Citrine - Yellow Sun

December: Tanzanite - Sapphire Blue


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