High charms bracelet

Amazing Charm Bracelet, High charged charms the more the better with this bracelet!!
Metal Color
PCBR0051 18cm
PCBR0051 19cm
PCBR0051 20cm
PCBR0052 18cm
PCBR0052 19cm
PCBR0052 20cm
PCBR0053 18cm
PCBR0053 19cm
PCBR0053 20cm
PCBR0054 18cm
PCBR0054 19cm
PCBR0054 20cm
PCBR0055 18cm
PCBR0055 19cm
PCBR0055 20cm
PCBR0056 18cm
PCBR0056 19cm
PCBR0056 20cm