Vintage Style Glass Tabletop Plant w/ Wooden Tray

Style Glass Tabletop Plant can be decorate with any plant and the benefit of plant in the room effectively remove pollutant in the air as well as gas and germs, purify and improve air quality. 

Use it in the wood decoration, the bedroom, weddings decoration, parties or even special occasions. 

send it to the one you love as a birthday gift, Christmas gift or Thanksgiving. This must be the most wonderful gift for your love ones.

Get the Style Glass Tabletop Plant for your home today !


Product Specification
Single Ball                                6 x 4 x 5.5 in
Double Balls                             9 x 4.3 x 5.5 in
Triple Balls                                11 x 4.3 x 5.5 in
Original 1
Original 2